Review of ‘Never Never’ by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

FIVE STARS for this fabulous read!!!


Best friends since they could walk, in love since the age of fourteen. Complete strangers since this morning. He’ll do anything to remember. She’ll do anything to forget. 


What should have begun as an ordinary day for 17 year old Charlie Wynwood has suddenly turned into every person’s worst nightmare! She finds herself in an unfamiliar room, with people she doesn’t know, and cannot even remember her own name. Her situation becomes even stranger when she realizes that Silas Nash, supposedly her boyfriend of 4 years, has lost his memory too.

“She’s scared.  Nervous. Suspicious.

Our emotions are reflections of one another,

and that’s when the clarity hits. 

She may not feel familiar. I may not feel familiar. 

But our actions – our demeanor – they’re exactly the same.”

They team up to try and figure out exactly what has happened by retracing their steps. It isn’t easy considering the fact that they don’t even remember where they live or the names of their family members. However, they are still forced to play the part of a happy couple in order to not arouse suspicion.

It’s easier said than done. Apparently, their lives were much more complicated than they could have ever imagined. Their search begins to uncover unpleasant memories that they would much rather forget…


I can already say, without a doubt, that this book will be one of the best I read in 2015! What do you get when you combine two brilliant authors? A masterpiece! This is a short book – approximately 140 pages – but it is so worth every cent!!

I began this book late at night and as much as my body was begging for sleep I could not put it down! This novella contains a bit of every genre. It has romance, suspense, comedy, and perhaps a bit of paranormal?? It was written in such a way that it all seems perfectly plausible and flows seamlessly.

This is written in a dual POV which I really appreciated as I was able to step into the minds of Charlie and Silas. I was glued to my Kindle as I tried to figure out exactly what had happened. The book ended in a cliffhanger that was so shocking and unexpected that I had this expression on my face for at least a full 5 minutes:


Yes, there, I said it. It ends on a cliffhanger and yes, it is part of a serial, but if you let that stop you from reading it then you will be missing out on an amazing story with characters that make you feel for them, with a plot that is absolutely brilliant, and the work of two authors that put a lot of thought into this book.

If you’re not a fan of cliffhangers or serials, I suggest you take a chance on this one because it will claw into your mind and your heart and I mean this in a good way lol. I cannot stop thinking about it. This is the first book that I have ever re-read a few hours after finishing it. That says a lot. I have a million theories running through my mind and I cannot wait to see how it all plays out in the end.

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