Review of ‘No Mercy’ by Mary Martel

Five JAW-DROPPING stars!!

I, like many others, am a HUGE fan of books and shows that revolve around motorcycle clubs. No Mercy did not disappoint!


Duchess is a young woman who has been through hell and back. She is someone who would never be considered another person’s doormat. She’s strong, she’s opinionated, and a total badass! Her experiences in life have provided her with tact and the ability to read a person’s true intentions with ease.


However, she’s no angel. She runs a brothel by the name of The Dollhouse which just so happens to be in close proximity to the Mercy MC.


The Dollhouse serves as their means of income as they seek a fresh new start…


After moving her girls (Franky and Mandy) into The Dollhouse, it takes no time at all for her new neighbors to make their presence known. They’re ruthless, cunning, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the captain is graced with charm and good looks.


Soon, Duchess and her girls find themselves engrossed in the middle of mayhem and murder, but don’t be fooled – they’re certainly no damsels in distress. Despite their attempts to remain in the background, they end up getting caught right in the middle of the fatal affairs of the mysterious and dangerous men next door, while simultaneously battling their own personal demons.


This is not a book for the prudent or timid as it is filled with violence and sex. However, if you’re a little sick in the head like me then I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy it! 😉

I recommend giving Mary Martel’s debut book a try! I was highly impressed with her ability to make the words in her book play out like a movie in my mind. This book will sadden you, anger you, and even make you laugh. Personally, I believe that once an author is capable of moving your emotions as much as No Mercy moved mine then they have established themselves as authors to watch out for!

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