Review of ‘Nine Minutes’ by Beth Flynn


Ginny, a naive 15 year old girl, is abducted by a member from a motorcycle gang in 1975. She is taken to a place where she is surrounded by violence and sex. She is also promised to the leader of the gang, an imposing man by the name of Grizz. She spends years with the gang and chronicles her experiences from the moment she enters the pit to the moment she’s sitting in a prison watching one of the bikers being executed 15 years later.


Let me start off by saying that Beth Flynn is an excellent writer. I think she did a fantastic job with this debut novel. With that said, I rated her book a 3.75 which rounded off to 4 stars. I can already imagine all of you must be wondering why.

Well, the first half of this book was great! There was plenty of character development and experiences that kept me reading in search for answers. Unfortunately, at about the 50% mark I began to lose interest. I’m not the type that does not finish books easily. It’s only happened to me a handful of times in the last decade.

I think Beth is a great author, but this just wasn’t a book for me. Thousands of people have given amazing reviews for this book, and I know I will be one of the very few to have an unpopular opinion.

Would I read another one of her books? ABSOLUTELY!! Like I said, she’s a fantastic writer, but I just could not keep my interest with this one. I did finish the book but it involved quite a bit of skimming. There are many characters included in this novel and she spent quite a bit of time giving tidbits of their life story which some people loved, but I found it distracting since they were just minor characters. I didn’t see how many of those stories tied into the main plot.

I just finished this book a couple of hours ago, and I’m still processing it. I’m not entirely sure I loved how it ended. I didn’t hate it. It made perfect sense, but I guess I just expected more. Check it out though! You may love it like many other people do! Don’t let my review dissuade you from trying this book out for yourself! 🙂

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