Review of “With the Father’ by Jenni Moen


Father Paul has been a priest for two years at St. Marks Catholic Church. He volunteers his free time to working in Karen’s Kitchen helping to feed people in need. He works alongside Grace who owns the soup kitchen. After about a year of working together, they both begin seeing a change in their friendship….a deeper bond then what is appropriate for a married woman and a priest.


This has got to be one of the most difficult reviews I’ve ever had to write! This is solely because I don’t want to give away anything that would ruin this fabulous read for you!

I received With the Father in a book exchange. When I first received it in the mail, I had never even heard of it! I had no idea what to expect. Well, actually that is not entirely true. I had some assumptions after reading the blurb that perhaps it would involve a taboo relationship with a priest and a married woman and would involve many steamy yet inappropriate sex scenes.

I was wrong.

This was a beautiful, heart-wrenching story about finding love in the most unexpected places. The author obviously made sure to write this novel in a tasteful, respectable way. I absolutely loved it! I read it a couple of days ago and just thinking about it brings up all of the emotions I felt that day. This is one of those few books that I was able to finish in about 4 hours. It is that good and that addictive! I could not put it down. Highly recommended!! 5 stars!

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