Review of ‘Serial, Volume Two’ by Jaden Wilkes and Lily White


Jude, a.k.a the Cascades Killer, continues to evade the FBI despite Agent Blake’s best efforts. He has finally met ‘the one’. The girl who has him feeling something other than lust or rage. He’s falling in love with her, but he’s never felt like this for anyone before.

Some people would assume that his newfound love would cease his killing streak, but they couldn’t be more mistaken. He’s desperately trying to rein in his emotions. He loves Ronnie (a.k.a Pet). He wants to make her happy, to care for her, and make her feel loved, but he also wants to kill her.

Jude believes that by killing someone he is able to immortalize their beauty forever. He saves them from growing old and ill. He wants to immortalize Pet, but he loves her too much to lose control. Therefore, the women roaming the streets of the Northwest are in danger.


Ronnie is being held in a room where she has no contact with the outside world. Jude is the only person she is allowed to socialize with. She likes Jude. He’s her savior. Her hero. But Ronnie can’t help but have an inkling that something just isn’t right about him… It seems unfair to him that she should doubt him. He clothes her, he feeds her, and protects her so she should trust him. Right?


Agent Blake believed he had begun to understand CK, but a sudden increase in killings has him wondering what could have caused such a drastic change in the serial killer’s MO.

He isn’t worried though, because his equally brilliant mind sees this as his opportunity to finally catch the elusive murderer…


This story just keeps getting better and better! We get to see a closer look into the lives of Jude, Ronnie and Agent Blake. If you’re anything like me you will find yourself caught between loving and hating this imperfect trio.

Jude’s crimes begin to increase in quantity and in violence. His emotions may be getting the best of him, but he hasn’t lost complete control yet. He still keeps his wits about him and is intent on avoiding capture.

I basically inhaled this addition to the series. I was so enraptured by this brilliant yet twisted book that my eyes were glued to the screen from beginning to end. I want so badly to go into more detail, but I’d rather not ruin anything for you. I highly recommend giving this series a try!

Buy link: (Grab it while it’s on sale for .99 cents!)


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