Review of ‘Serial, Volume Three’ by Jaden Wilkes and Lily White


Agent Blake is hot on the trail of serial killer, Jude Hollister. He’s searching for the perfect moment when Jude, despite all of his methodical planning, will finally make a mistake that will lead the FBI right to his door.

Jude is finding it more difficult to be around Ronnie. He loves her, but his patience has its limits. Patty, his latest victim, isn’t as fortunate as some of the other women he’s captured in the past. They had swift, quick deaths, but he’s drawing hers out. It won’t be much longer before she eventually succumbs to his torture… The more frustrated he becomes with Ronnie, the more suffering Patty endures.


Holy shitballs batman!!

That was insane!! Out of all the theories that went through my mind, I never once thought of that huge twist occurring!

This was a fast-paced, suspenseful, and exhilarating read! I even ignored my duties at work just to finish it.


There’s so much I want to say, but I can’t really do it without giving away some of the best parts of this book and it’s killing me!!!


All the tension finally comes to a boil at the end of this book and I guarantee that the events towards the end will leave your jaw on the floor!

I feel like Patty right now but instead of having withdrawal symptoms from blow, I’m itching and begging for the next volume!!


Five STARS for a fabulous read!! 

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