Book Haul!!

I told myself I would refrain from purchasing anymore books this month since I already have over 1,000 unread books waiting for me on my kindle or on my bookshelves.

Alas, I was unable to contain myself as there are so many incredible book deals going on right now!

So without further ado, let me present to you my most recent ebook purchases (Some of these are still on sale!!)

#1. Inevitable by J.L Beck

I have not started reading A Kingpin Love Affair series yet, but the first book has fantastic reviews so I snatched that up and this one (Book 2) was on sale for 99 cents!

#2. Verum by Courtney Cole

If you have not read the first book to this series (Nocte) then what the heck are you waiting for?!! Go out and buy it! Buy it now. It’s okay, I’ll wait.

I absolutely LOVED Nocte (I’ll be posting the review very soon) and jumped at the opportunity to read this one! Word of advice: Stay away from spoilers!!

#3. The Captive Series Bundle by Erica Stevens

Now, I have not read any of these books or anything at all from this author for that matter, but they come highly recommended from a friend of mine who has great taste in books so I’m pretty sure I’ll love them as well.

Oh and did I forget to mention, you can buy the ENTIRE series for only 99 cents!! Get it before the price goes up!!

#4. Cartel by Lili St. Germain

I read Lili’s entire series titled Gypsy Brothers which is insanely good and I highly recommend it! Keep in mind that it does have explicit content and a whole lot of violence so it’s definitely not for those who are sensitive to that sort of thing. Cartel is the prequel to the Gypsy Brothers series and I am anxious to start it!!

#5. Take Me: Twelve Tales of Dark  Possession

I pre-ordered this anthology the moment it became available! So many amazing authors and highly rated books put together for your enjoyment and all for the amazing price of only 99 cents!!

#6. Driven by K. Bromberg

I did not purchase this book because it’s FREE on Amazon right now!! Tons of great reviews for this series! Snatch it up bookworms!

#7. Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

If you have been keeping up with my reviews then you may have noticed that I have already read this book. It is absolutely fabulous!!! It will leave you begging for me! It was a 5 star read for more! I bought it at full price, but they have an incredible sale going on right now! Buy it for only 99 cents before it goes back to full price!

#8. Better When He’s Bad by Jay Crownover

I have had my eye on this book and this author for a very long time so I couldn’t resist buying it now that it’s only 99 cents!


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