Review of ‘Nocte’ by Courtney Cole


High up on the mountains of Astoria, lives 18 year old Calla Price, her father, mother, and twin brother Finn in a funeral home. Calla and Finn have always been close to each other. They’ve maintained a bond that has been unbreakable. They shared a womb after all…





There is a certain understanding that comes with being a twin. It is through this mysterious bond that only twins know that Calla begins to feel something is terribly wrong with Finn. You see, Finn was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder. He hears voices and those voices whisper in his ear the most devious and evil of words.

“By night, I am free.

No one hears my monsters but me.

My freedom is fragile, though. 

Because every morning,

Over and over,

The night is broken

by the sun.

It’s a good way to die”.

Finn is falling dangerously close to the edge and no one notices his precarious condition except for Calla. She’ll do anything to save her brother. Anything at all.

“There is nothing

quite so terrifying as the

descension of the human mind

into insanity”.

Suddenly, an enigmatic stranger appears and turns her whole world upside down..


It’s been a few days since I have finished this fantastic book. Yet, it’s taken me quite some time to digest everything I read. It’s still running through my mind as I type. Courtney Cole achieved a great feat with her brilliant writing. She caught me completely by surprise with the ending. That rarely happens.

This is the first time I have read any of her work, but I can guarantee you that it will not be my last. As a matter of fact, I purchased the second part of this series immediately after reading the last page of Nocte.

Nocte sucked me in from the very first page and dumped me right in the eye of a maelstrom of emotions. I was entranced. I was shocked. I cried. My heart broke. And just when I thought it was over, it felt as if this book suddenly developed a physical entity of its own and punched me in the stomach.

Sounds intimidating right? Don’t be!

That is exactly the purpose of reading. If you can read an entire book and not feel anything at all, then what is the point in reading it? So yes, I felt as if my heart had been shattered, but there was healing. There was a sense of peace at having answers to so many questions.

I fell in love with Calla’s character. I found myself relating closely to her and that made every situation that occurred that much more meaningful and powerful. It also hit a bit close to home as my oldest brother suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.

I would love to describe in detail everything I absolutely adored about Nocte and the parts that made me feel as if the floor had been pulled from beneath my feet, but that would defeat the whole purpose. You must read this book! You will never experience anything quite like it. If I could give it ten million stars, it still wouldn’t be enough to express how much I loved it.

Buy link: Grab it while it’s still 99 cents!


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