Review of ‘Verum’ by Courtney Cole


Calla Price has endured an exhausting series of events in a short amount of time. Just when she thinks she finally has answers, more questions materialize.

There is a seemingly endless pool of lies that is drowning Calla. Will she be able to make it to the surface or will she succumb to all of those terrifying secrets?

Dare believes that she needs to get away from the funeral home. It cannot be healthy for anyone to spend so much time around dead people. He takes her back to her mother’s family home in England. This trip was supposed to help her recover from the revelations of the past few days, but instead she’s more confused than ever!!

Things aren’t what they seem to be and Calla is sick and tired of being left in the dark. She decides to take the initiative and search for answers on her own, but what she finds might just be more than she can handle…

Our fate must be worked for,

It must be paid for.

With tears.

With blood.

With everything we have.

And it is not until the end,

the very end,

that we will know if it was worth it. 


This is the second addition to the Nocte Trilogy and it did not disappoint! It starts off a bit slow, but do not let that discourage you from reading because the ending is probably even more jaw-dropping than the first book.

It is difficult to be able to give a good review without including any spoilers so excuse me for being vague, but I’m doing this in your best interest. DO NOT, for the love of all that is holy, READ ANY SPOILERS!!! This is the type of book that is a million times better going into completely blind. Think of it as being a hidden objects game. It’s just no fun if you already know where everything is.

We learn a lot more about Dare and Calla’s backgrounds. Things that are so unexpected and wild you will never see them coming.

You won’t be sure who to trust. What to believe. You will feel just as helpless as Calla does. And when you finally do start to get answers and start to step into the light, you may find yourself missing being in the darkness…

I tried to stay away from this book. I really did. Nocte was a 5 star read for me, but I just knew that Verum was going to screw with my mind and I wanted to postpone the metaphysical brain-humping until the final book comes out in the summer. Alas, I was a weakling and I gave in because my curiosity got the best of me.

I stand by my original statements that Courtney Cole is an absolutely fantastic author!! She knows exactly how to rile up your emotions. This series will mess with your head, but you will enjoy every second of it! 5 stars!!

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