Review of ‘Never Never Part 2’ by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher



I am still trying to catch my breath from that book! This has been one of my most anticipated novels of May – no, scratch that – of this YEAR! And I was not disappointed!

A million theories have run through my mind since I read the first installment (I believe back in February) and none of them prepared me for what would really happen.

It starts off immediately where the 1st book ended. It is fast-paced and by the time you finish you will feel as if you just ran 10 miles. The entire book is a little above 100 pages and A LOT happens. The events occur in about a total of 48 hours.

It is hard to describe what I felt in words so I’ll let you see it in pictures:

First I was like:


Then I was like:


But then this happened:


Some of this occurred (I feel no shame):


By this point, I made an appointment with a therapist (I’ll be sending you the bill Colleen and Tarryn):


And then it ended:


Well there you have it. It is almost impossible for me to discuss this book without giving something vital away so I just won’t do it. Read it – it’s fantastic – that is all.

Buy link:


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