This or That Book Tag!!


While wasting some time on Tumblr, I came across a book tag that looked pretty fun so I decided to go ahead and do that on here! (There were so many people doing the same book tag that I couldn’t trace it to the original blog to give them credit! Sorry!) I would love to see what your answers are so feel free to do it too!! 🙂

1) Physical book or e-book?

It depends. If I’m at school or work then I use my Kindle, but when I’m at home I prefer physical books.

2) Audio or book in hand?

Definitely book in hand. I have the attention span of a cardboard box so it’s hard for me to focus long enough to absorb a chapter of an audiobook.


3) Paperback or Hardcover

I typically buy paperbacks mainly because they’re more affordable. Hence, I get to buy more books. For example, with $50 I’m lucky if I can get 2 or 3 hardcovers, but for that same amount I can perhaps get as many as 6 or 7 paperbacks brand new. Hardcovers will always be much prettier though.

4) Adult or Young Adult?

Ugh this is so hard, because I love them both! I think I read both genres equally, but to give you an answer I guess I’d have to go with YA.

5) Series or Standalone?

I’ll have to go with a series considering the fact that the majority of my favorite books were parts of a series.

6) Dog Ears or Bookmarks?

Ok hold your fire! Once upon a time, I used to always dog ear my books. Now I use a bookmark…..most of the time.

7) Breaking the spine or barely opening the book?

I’m not THAT anal about it. I try and be careful with the spines but if it breaks then it breaks. I don’t lose sleep over it because it just shows that the book was well-read and loved.

8) Borrow or Buy?

Buy. Always. I don’t like borrowing books from people because then I would have to reciprocate and let them borrow one of mine. I swear I am not as selfish as I sound, but they are my babies. Books that I have collected for many years and have spent so much time and money taking care of them and for what? Only so a friend who has borrowed it can spill wine on it? Or some other unimaginable fate? No! I don’t think so! Dramatic much? Yes, yes I am.

9) Bookstore or Online?

Both. There have been quite a few times where Barnes & Noble did not carry a particular book I wanted, so sometimes I have to resort to looking online. I also like getting good bargains on ebooks. However, I also tend to shop frequently at Barnes & Noble and second-hand bookstores that support the local libraries.

10) Fiction or non-fiction?


11) Fantasy world or real-life issues?


12) Kindle, iPad or other?

I used to read for years on my iPad, but now I use my Kindle Paperwhite as it is much lighter and smaller.

13) Monster read or short and sweet?

Short and sweet mainly because college makes it extremely difficult to read super long books.

14) Starry eyed romance or full of action?

Whichever one I am in the mood for.

15) Read the review or decide for yourself?

This is a tricky one. I like reading reviews, but I still like to judge the book for myself. I have read some AMAZING books that barely have 3.5 rating on Goodreads and an endless amount of bad reviews. Maybe I don’t rate as harshly as other people? Perhaps, my tastes are just different from theirs. Who knows? But I do know that some reviews can be a bit biased so I don’t always listen to them. I do take them into consideration though.

16) Zombies or Unicorns?

I have never read a book about unicorns, but even if I had I would still go with zombies since I am a total horror freak and love anything related to that.


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