Review of ‘Bang’ by E.K Blair

I finally got my hands on the second book of the Black Lotus series which is titled, Echo by E.K Blair. I haven’t read it yet, but my hands are itching to open it up! I decided that I would post a review for Bang which is the very first book to the series. I read this way back in May 2014 and the long wait for the 2nd book was excruciating, but let me tell ya! This book sticks with you! It’s one of those unforgettable novels that will replay in your head 24/7!

Before I begin the actual review, I just want to point out that this book is not for minors. It contains violence, sex, and a whole lot of other stuff that may be extremely shocking to some people. Reader discretion is advised. 

Nina Vanderwal experienced horrific child abuse at the hands of her foster father.

“Every night I pray to a god I’m not sure

even exists that I’ll wake up from this nightmare,

but I’m still here”

“Maybe people like me aren’t supposed to be saved.

Maybe I’m just destined to bear the weight of the

demons that lurk among the good.” 

Having only her foster brother, Pike, to lean on, they developed a bond so strong that it has continued way into their adulthood. This bond, however, is not what a typical person would consider healthy as they are two very damaged people who are bad influences for one another.

Years have passed since they lived in that house of horrors and Nina finally got what seemed to be a new start in life. She married the handsome and wealthy Bennett who treats her like a queen.

Anyone watching from the outside would assume that Nina has it all – wealth, a loving husband, a beautiful house. Unbeknownst to everyone other than Pike, Nina has been harboring a tremendous amount of rage since she was a child.

“The heart is a weapon – a self-inflicting weapon – that 

if not trained properly, can destroy a person.”

She blames one person – and one person only – for her traumatic childhood and she’s not going to be satisfied until she finally gets her revenge. Pike is willing to do anything to make that possible. After all, they were innocent children who suffered tremendously so isn’t it only fair that the person responsible suffers too?

“They say when you take revenge against

another person you lose your innocence. 

But I’m not innocent. 

I haven’t been for a very long time. 

My innocence was stolen from me…

Now I plot. Now I take control. 

Now I don my crown of hatred.”

Ahhh! This book! I cannot say enough good things about it! It surpassed all of my expectations and left me wanting – no, begging! – for more. E.K Blair was blessed by the author gods with her writing talent! There are so many twists and turns that you never could have anticipated. This book is absolutely brilliant! Let me give you some friendly advice – you may think you know what’s going on, but you really, really don’t. I was taken by surprise on many occasions while reading it.

It is obvious that a lot of planning and time went into it, because it is so intricate and complex. It’s like trying to piece together an elaborate puzzle. It left me utterly speechless. I remember needing – NEEDING – to go back to this back over and over again, because I could not get it out of my head. It just about became an obsession for me. I was in a reading slump for weeks because no other book seemed to interest me more than this series.

If you are someone who is into dark-themed books and can withstand explicit subject matter then I highly recommend Bang. It may sound a little intimidating if you are not used to this genre, but I guarantee it will knock your socks off! I rated it 5 stars, but if I could rate it higher I would. I plan on re-reading it before starting on Echo, but from what I’ve read from the reviews, it is just as good as the first.

Bang (Book 1)

Echo (Book 2)


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