Review of ‘Marrow’ by Tarryn Fisher



The novel follows a girl named Margo. It begins when she is 13 years old and continues year after year until she reaches adulthood.

She has lived a difficult and sad life. She has an absentee father and a mother who ridicules her or simply pretends she doesn’t exist.

Margo lives in the Bone. A neighborhood near Seattle that houses drug dealers and prostitutes. It is a place where people turn a blind eye to abuse or other crimes simply because they have grown accustomed to it.

Margo has never known love – not from her mother; not from her father. She has no friends or relatives to rely on. She gets through each day finding comfort in food.

Until one day, she meets Judah. He is a young man who has spent the majority of his life bound to a wheelchair. A beautiful friendship is formed and, with his help, Margo starts to believe that she can have a good future.

A traumatic experience changes Margo’s perspective. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, she decides to change her outlook on life. She intends to make a difference in the Bone…even if it means resorting to extreme measures.

This is not an easy book to read. It is heartbreaking, tragic, and contains quite a bit of graphic violence. As everything that Tarryn writes, it was well-written and held my attention throughout.

My admiration for Tarryn grew as I read her reasoning for writing Marrow. She witnessed a woman beating her baby online and was absolutely outraged! How many of us wish we could get rid of people who harm the innocent and defenseless? Well, that’s what Tarryn decided to do through Margo’s character.

Margo is a sarcastic, funny, strong-willed character. Bottom line – she is a total badass!

Even though the novel is written from year to year, it never dragged on. It never became stagnant or tedious. It was nice seeing Margo maturate as time went on.

I fell in love with Judah! He’s funny and a total smartass. He’s also sweet and tends to be admired by just about everyone.

Marrow scored HUGE points for being related to Tarryn’s previous book titled, Mud Vein. You don’t need to read them in a particular order, but it increases the impact if you do read them both. There were a couple of crossover characters and the events that take place in Marrow ultimately impact the events in Mud Vein. They will leave your jaw hanging!

Although I was entranced with this book, it took me three days to finish it. This is due to the fact that the content is so heavy and fervent. I found myself needing to give my heart and mind frequent breaks just so I could digest the material.

Overall, I rated this book 5 stars. I highly recommend it, but make sure to have your tissues ready!

And let me just note how much I love the cover!


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