Make-It Monday 

I like to make all types of bookmarks and decided to go ahead and share one with you today! 🙂 This takes only a few minutes and is super easy to make! 
You will need the following supplies: 

A pair of scissors


A ruler 

Two colors of ribbon

Markers (Optional)


Step 1: 

Cut the cardstock into the size of your choice. Mine was 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. 

Step 2: 

Carefully cut a hole into the top center of your bookmark. 

Step 3: 

Cut two strips of ribbon. Mine were measured at 22 inches. 

Step 4: 

Line up both the strips then insert them into the hole. 


Step 5: 

Tie a knot. Ribbon has the type of texture that can easily come out of a knot so I recommend tying two knots to secure it. 


Step 6: 

Use your fingernail or tip of scissors to slide up the ribbon in order to give it a curl. Repeat step until all strips of ribbon are curled to your liking. 


Step 7: 

Take your markers and draw a design or add a quote to your bookmark. 


Step 8: 

Add it in your current book! 


And voila! A super quick, super easy, low-cost bookmark to make! 🙂  


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