Review of ‘The Ghost Files’ by Apryl Baker


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This is an incredibly hard book to rate. I went back and forth between giving it 3 or 4 stars. I enjoyed it, but there were a few flaws that made me deduct a couple stars. Bear with me as I tell you why. (By the way, this one is a FREEBIE on Amazon in case you want to grab it!)

Mattie is a 16 year old girl who has jumped from foster home to foster home. She is finally placed in a home where she feels safe and cared for. She is a pretty typical teenager except for the fact that she can see ghosts. That’s right, ghosts! She doesn’t enjoy having this little gift. She finds it to be a daily annoyance and she ignores the spirits because if she ignores them then they go away.

Until one dreadful day, she sees a ghost that is impossible to ignore: it’s Sally, her very own foster sister who she spoke to just a matter of hours earlier. The hole in her head leaves no doubt that sometime between Mattie leaving her house and arriving at a party, her sister was murdered. But the question is who would do such a thing and why? Sally’s mouth has been covered in tape so there is no way she can ask her ghost what happened.

The worst part? She has a history of running away and no one – not her foster parents, not the police, not even her friend – believes that Sally is missing. They all think she is just another typical teenage runaway. Hence, no search party, no investigation, no justice. She certainly can’t tell the police what she saw. Who would believe that she saw her dead sister’s ghost?

Now, Mattie is left with no choice. If she wants to find her foster sister’s killer then she must speak to the very same ghosts that she has worked so hard to avoid. Those ghosts are frightening and not so willing to help. Mattie finally is able to gain the trust of a rookie police officer by the name of Dan. He’s skeptical, but he can’t help but feel that he should try anyway.

Okay, interesting story right? So why did I only rate it 3 stars? Well, let me break it down in pros and cons.


  1. There were a lot of really good, creepy parts.
  2. I loved Dan and Mattie’s banter. There were a few scenes that had me laughing.
  3. It was an enjoyable read; enjoyable enough for me to remain interested and finish it.


  1. This story is written in Mattie’s point of view and it’s mostly good, but she has the tendency to get off track which hinders the story. It wasn’t a big problem but it did irk me.
  2. There were too many inconsistencies with romantic interests. For example, first Mattie was entranced with her boyfriend Jake and considers Dan as only a friend; then she starts flirting with Mason because he is cute, really cute, so cute that this girl would not shut up over how cute he is; then all of a sudden she starts having feelings for Dan, but then no, she’s sort of falling in love with a ghost boy named Eric, but I don’t get it because they haven’t known each other long and there’s that tiny tidbit of him attacking her; but no she can’t be with Eric because he’s dead and his face is a bloody mess so she’ll stick with Dan, but wait, Dan is 20 years old and it would be illegal so maybe they should just be friends?? (catching my breath) see where I’m going with this? One star deducted for juuuu!
  3. Finally, the ending was way too predictable. There were a few surprises that I hadn’t anticipated, but the ending didn’t shock me. I expected it which is a total bummer! Another star deducted for juuuu!

So there you have it, I recommend it if you like horror and you’re willing to look past the cons that I listed. I liked it a lot, but I’m still debating whether I want to continue the series or not. I’m leaning more towards a no, but we’ll see… I’m certainly not trying to discourage anyone from reading it.


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