Review of ‘Girls can’t be Knights’ by Lee French


Wow, this book was such a pleasant surprise! I was only going to read the first few pages since I’m in the middle of another book, but low and behold, I ended up finishing the entire novel.

This was such a refreshing book! I haven’t read any books about knights before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed it!

Claire is a 16 year old girl who has lived a rather sad life. Her family died when she was very young and she has jumped from foster home to foster home for the past six years.

She recently changed schools and in just a matter of days is already getting into trouble. She is not your typical teenage girl. When she gets bullied, she fights back. Unfortunately, her bullies are jocks and the faculty takes their side over hers.

After being disappointed by the school staff yet again, she decides to ditch class and is suddenly tossed into a strange series of occurrences. Those events start unfolding a world she never knew could possibly exist.

Her trust, her strength, and her courage will be tested in this exciting novel.

I want to buy this paperback and just place it on my bookshelf along with all of my other favorite novels. Well done! It has a lot of action, adventure, and humor = the perfect mix!

**ARC obtained from Netgalley**


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