Would You Rather book tag!

Thank you so much Erika in Bookventureland for nominating me! 🙂

Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones?

Last year, I would have easily gone with trilogies since that consisted of the bulk of books that I read in 2014. This year, however, I’ve been much more into standalones. Both are good with me though.

Would you rather only read male or female authors?

I tend to read mostly female authors. It’s nothing against men, but it’s just a coincidence I guess…

Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

I love going to Barnes and Nobel because it’s so big and there are just so many books to choose from. But, they are pretty pricy and being a college student means that I can’t afford all that many from there. I usually shop at used bookstores where all the proceeds go towards keeping the public libraries opened or at Amazon.

Would you rather books were made into TV shows or movies?

I’ve never really been a fan of any of the TV show adaptations so I’ll go with movies.

Would you rather read only 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

I giggled at this one. 5 books, obvi!

Would you rather be a professional author or reviewer?

I’ve never been a strong creative writer, but then again I’ve never actually put in the effort to writing a book. As of right now, I’ll go with reviewer.

Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?

Bookseller! Having the newest books at my disposal? Yes, please!

Would you rather read only your favorite genre, or every other genre but your favorite?

Ah this is a tricky one, but I’ll go with my favorite because I’d go crazy if I couldn’t read my favorite type of books.

Would you rather only read ebooks or physical books?

Honestly? Either one. Just as long as I’m reading, I really don’t mind 🙂

I nominate the following awesome blogs to do this too! 🙂


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