Review of ‘Broken Pieces’ by Mary Martel

First of all, let me just say that I know I have been absent quite a bit in the last week, but I didn’t have access to my computer and having to blog from my phone is such a pain. Anyway, now that my brother is done using my computer for a project, I can begin catching up with all of my reviews! 🙂

So let’s get started!

Broken Pieces is the fourth book in the The Dollhouse Series. (You can find my reviews for the previous three books on here as well or you can add me on GoodReads and see my reviews on there too!)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!



Duchess, her girls, and the Mercy MC are back in this emotional, fast paced novel.
Much to her dismay, Duchess finds herself entangled in some of the Club’s seedier business. Things go south and end with gunfire and bloodshed.
When she’s not busy with Captain and the club she’s dealing with the many problems her girls have. And they seem to have a never ending string of problems.
Most especially Franky. The blue eyed, blonde, whore with the face of an angel can’t seem to catch a break even if she tried. Her life is a disaster filled with one drama after the next.
Duchess has got her hands full and her work certainly cut out for her.

This is a book that you MUST read in a sequence in order to fully understand everything that’s going on. The previous books contain certain events that will help you better grasp the characters’ actions in this novel. In addition, you are able to see a lot of character development which I really loved!!

Duchess, the main character, is not a delicate little flower. She speaks her mind and doesn’t put up with anyone’s mistreatment whatsoever. She has done things that would not be deemed as moral or law-abiding, but you still cannot help admiring the reasons why she does those things.

This novel showed a completely different side of Duchess than what we are used to. Slowly, her walls are starting to come down and it’s beautiful seeing the type of loving woman she is capable of becoming. It has been a long and difficult road for her in her relatively young life and it’s apparent that she keeps herself from becoming too attached to people because she has been hurt and disappointed so many times before.

I really didn’t think it was possible to love Cap any more than I already do. He is the strong, unforgiving, and widely-feared Captain of the Mercy Motorcycle Club. Although he is rough around the edges, he is indeed quite the charmer and, in my opinion, the perfect match for Duchess. Numerous events tested their relationship to its limits. I will admit that there were moments when I worried about how it would play out in the end and if they would make it through together.

We, also, get to see events pick up for Franky where it left off in the last book and if you’ve read the Lost Faith then you know how dire the situation was. And let me tell ya guys, it get’s CRAZY!

I have been fond of this series since the very beginning and I have grown attached to all these characters. They are so flawed and imperfect and broken, but it’s their strength, loyalty, and perseverance that makes me love them even more. With that said, it is because I like these characters so much that I almost dreaded reading this book because I was afraid of something horrible happening to them.

This novel is not for people who are sensitive to explicit subject matter. There is violence, sex and cussing. It is gritty and dark, but almost impossible to put down once you begin it.

I think this has, officially, gone down as my favorite book in the series so far! Loved it!

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