Review of ‘Never Die Alone’ by Lisa Jackson


Never Drop Your Guard

It should be the best day of their lives. Too bad they never get to see it. On the cusp of their twenty-first birthday, he strikes. His victims are always twins, their ritualistic murders planned in exquisite detail, down to the moment when they breathe their last together. . .
Never Close Your Eyes

An innocent man is in prison, and Brianna Hayward needs to convince the New Orleans police. Not just to free her cousin, but to save others who will suffer until the true culprit is found. Reporter Jason Bridges is intrigued. It’s a story that could make his career–as long as Brianna never guesses the secret in Jason’s past. . .

. . .Or You’ll Never See Him Coming

Detective Rick Bentz had doubts about the “21” conviction when he worked the case in L.A. Now the real murderer may be loose in Bentz’s backyard. Twin sisters from LSU have vanished, days before their birthday. And as Bentz and his partner, Reuben Montoya, desperately follow the trail, a killer prepares to unite his next victims in death forever. . . 


This book started off great! I was completely hooked for about the first 15%, but then it became blatantly obvious that there were going to be a few subplots. This was a huge turn off for me.

The main plot was extremely exciting and fast-paced. The subplots, however, I found to be slow and lackluster. It’s almost like having two different books interwoven together.

If those subplots had been removed, I would have given this book 5 stars. Unfortunately, they took me out of the main plot too many times and it lessened my interest.

My final rating is: 3.5 stars

***ARC obtained from Netgalley***


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  1. My mom is currently reading this! She loves Lisa Jackson, she hasn’t gotten to this one yet but just bought it 🙂

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    1. I enjoyed it! There were many times when I couldn’t put it down, but I wish there weren’t as many subplots lol I hope she likes it too 🙂

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