Empathy Series


I was given the opportunity to read and review the entire Empathy series by Ker Dukey in preparation for the release of the box set which is only .99 cents at the moment!

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**Warning: these books contain subject matter that some might find offensive**

I had heard fantastic things about this series and have several friends who have given the books high ratings on GoodReads.

It didn’t take long for me to see why they all loved it so much. I was instantly hooked within the first few pages of Empathy and found it almost impossible to put down!



I am a brother
I am a police detective
I am a contract killer
I don’t want to love
I don’t want to feel
I don’t want … EMPATHY.

They say some people are born with decreased activity in the front central lobe causing them a deficiency in empathy. Maybe that’s true about me but whether I was born this way or created in a moment of evil, empathy was something I didn’t possess until her green eyes met mine in the mirror and I couldn’t take her life.
I didn’t want to feel, didn’t want this woman in my life complicating how I lived but she was there at every turn. Sent to haunt me for my sins. Her light so bright she provoked a shadow from everyone she touched. When a job turns bad quickly altering my life forever I’m forced to feel. When nothing is making sense I’m forced to face truths I never would recover from. When life drowns you in its cruelty you don’t know which way the current will drag you or who you’ll become once you re-surface.


I was a daughter
I was a student
I was a victim
Did I have his love?
Did I make him feel?
Did I have his empathy?
When the actions of a soulless killer forces sorrow into my veins I never dreamed the man healing my wounds would be the one to leave the worst scar. His love would scar my soul. Scars are permanent; I will never feel the relief from them. Will I learn to live with them, remember why I have them and learn never to let him close enough to inflict more? Will I eventually cover them… like tattoos coating them with new memories, new love and new starts? I didn’t know these answers because the pain was too suffocating, the only thing I knew was they will always be under the surface lingering. He had scars too, from his sins. There is nothing that can cover them, they were too deep, too ugly, too dark and they marked us both forever.


I found this novel to be captivating and highly entertaining! Each character faced their own set of demons and had their own individual ways of reacting to certain situations.

I loved the heroine, Melody, who is just an average student trying to get through college when her whole world is turned upside down and she is faced with circumstances she never could have possibly imagined would happen. Although she does do a few things that made me want to shake some sense into her, I found her to be very likable and courageous.

It’s difficult to say exactly how I feel about Blake, because he’s not exactly the epitome of a “hero” in a novel. He does things that are shocking and devastating, but in a very sick way, it’s hard to NOT like him. It’s obvious that despite his cold demeanor, he has a tremendous amount of love for a few choice people in his life.

We also get to meet Ryan who is quite an enigma. He has so many issues that would be a psychiatrist’s dream! He suffered unimaginable things in his youth that have caused irreparable psychological and emotional damage. Once again, I’m questioning my mental health because, although, I SHOULD, hate him, I really don’t.

This book is very dark so consider yourself warned.

Overall, this book was fast-paced, had twists and turns that I didn’t see coming from a mile away, and made me eager to get to the next one!

Rating: 5 out 5 stars!!!

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I am a son,
A friend,
A brother,
A psychopath.

After eighteen years of being in a psych ward, I’ve been released into the world. Things have changed. Blake is married to Melody and now a father to my new fixation, Cereus; my beautiful niece who knows nothing of my existence.

When consequences of my past sins begin playing tricks on me, old cravings demand to be satisfied.There is no cure for my kind of sickness.

I am void of everything but obsession.
I can’t love,
I can’t feel,
I am Desolate.

Review of Desolate:

Ahhh!! This book is absolutely insane and I mean that figuratively and literally when it comes to Ryan. The events take place about 18 years into the future from those that occurred in Empathy. 

I really didn’t think it could get much darker than the first novel, but, boy, was I proven wrong! Ryan is quite a sick puppy who enjoys humiliating others. He has been locked up all this time in a mental ward and is finally being released. Doctors believe his psychopathic tendencies have been cured, but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Ryan may lack the compassion or empathy that comes naturally to most people, but he’s intelligent. He uses his wits and charm to fool his doctors into thinking that he’s ready to join the real world once again.

He already has a plan…a plan that involves his niece Cereus… His brother, Blake, has been doing everything possible to locate Ryan since his release, but had no idea that the entire time Ryan was closing in on his own daughter.

I’ve read many dark psychological thrillers, but this one definitely takes the darkness to a whole new level. I applaud Ker Dukey for writing such a convincing character!

I loved and hated Ryan, but most importantly, I hated myself for liking him. He was easily able to adjust to any situation and finds ways for people to let their guard down around him. I think that’s what makes this book so good and creepy!

If after reading Empathy, you still long to know more about Ryan then I highly recommend Desolate!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars!

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When two dark souls connect the draw is too dominant to ignore and the obsession of owning the only color to brighten my dark world too unrelenting to not obey. I left her alone so she could live a normal life but I was weak, how can she live a normal life after so much sinister chaos invaded her world, summoning her own darkness to the surface?
The depraved devil that is me now had an anchor, someone to venture into the black abyss with.
Normal wasn’t a path ever set for Cereus.
She was her Father’s daughter but my soul mate, even if I disputed ever owning one.
She was struggling with out me in her life, the vacant ache inside her leaking out. I can’t not go to her, the need is too strong and like with all of my urges I embrace it.

Review of Vacant:

This novella is only under 100 pages, but a lot of things happen in a short amount of time!

Cereus has been struggling with the absence of Ryan and with her personal violent urges. It certainly doesn’t help that a girl at school has decided to target her and make her life miserable only because her boyfriend showed interest in Cereus.

Ryan watches Cereus from afar and once he sees that she’s reaching her breaking point decides to make his move, but will he be too late?

It’s hard to review this novella without giving anything away, but I really enjoyed it and found that it lived up to my expectations.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!!

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Normal is not something Ryan and Cereus have ever been, where’s the fun in normal?

When Cereus’s dreams follow her into the waking hours, she has to come to terms with the fact, Ryan is not the only monster in her madness.
That she herself… can be just as deadly.

Review of Deadly:

I loved the way this novella started off! It instantly had me on the edge of my seat.

It goes back and forth between the present and events that occurred a few months earlier. I, usually, am not a huge fan of that sort of method, but it was easy to follow and added to the plot.

After traveling the world and letting their darkness perpetuate society, a single mistake is all it took for their twisted paradise to come to an end.

It took me some time to really digest the ending and to comprehend how I felt about it. After having given it much thought, I have concluded that the ending makes a lot of sense considering the path they were taking. I think it is very suiting considering how it all started.

Overall, I really enjoyed this series and it was one hell of a ride!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars! 

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