Review of “Lux” by Courtney Cole



My name is Calla Price and I’m broken.

My pieces are all around me, floating on the wind, even as I desperately try to grasp them.

Who is dead? Alive? Insane?

What is the truth?

I don’t know.

I do know this: The darkness is strangling me. With every breath, I choke on another lie.

My mind has protected me, but that shield will soon be lowered.

All will be revealed.
Every answer to every question.

It’s all been leading to this.

Don’t be afraid.
Be terrified.


I finished reading this book several days ago, but it has been difficult trying to formulate the right words for this review. It is the third and final book in the Nocte trilogy. This has been one of my top favorite trilogies EVER! I have lost count over how many times I have recommended these books.

As with any final book in a trilogy or series, there is always that fear that the book will not meet the high expectations I have for it.

Since it is the final book, I will not spoil it for those of you who have not read it, but I will give my honest opinion as to what I felt once I was done.

This series is such a mind-humping experience to say the least. You will not know up from down or left from right. It is one of the main reasons why I love it so much. This book will mess with your head in so many ways. The level of unpredictability makes it incredibly suspenseful and intriguing.

Lux picks up right where Verum left off. I highly suggest reading the novella Initium right before beginning Lux. It may be a bit confusing otherwise.

Immediately after beginning this novel I was in a complete state of shock. Sooo many things happen right off the bat that left me with my mouth hanging. The entire book itself was very entertaining.

Throughout the entirety, we receive a lot of answers to the multitude of questions that arose from the previous two books.

I loved the ending, in particular, as it brought closure to one hell of a rollercoaster ride. I was very satisfied with how it concluded. All loose ends were tied up and it all managed to make sense.

However, I couldn’t help but feel a little bummed that there wasn’t as much of a twist as I thought it would be. I guess I just expected more. I still love this trilogy and will continue to recommend it.

I was still attached to my kindle as if it were my sole means of living. I read it all in one sitting. I ended up deducting one star simply because I found some parts of the book to be a little repetitive. I get it. Trust me. I didn’t miss the point of it being repetitive and you will understand why after you’ve read it, but I feel a few parts could have been tweaked a little differently.

Final verdict: 4 out of 5 stars!

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