Review of “My King” by Mary Martel



After witnessing the gruesome death of his father at the hands of his Uncle Ian takes his brother and flees the only home he’s ever known.
For years they live amongst the humans hiding their true nature and running from their past.
Until one day they stop. Stop running. Stop hiding. All because they cross the scent of a woman.
Finding your mate is something every Shifter longs for.
But for Ian Reighliand whose father was once a King finding his mate is the last thing he wants.
Drawn to her in a way he can’t resist he watches her from the shadows.
Until one day he’s forced to step into the light. Until he’s forced to save her.
And claim what’s rightfully his.


Shayne is a young woman who is just living her day to day life with no real purpose. She goes to work, deals with drunken idiots, comes home to listen to her roommate’s late night liaisons, rinse and repeat. There really isn’t much of a difference from week to week. Her life is pretty mundane, but it’s just something that she has grown accustomed to.

Her childhood was a bit too eventful for her taste and not in the good way. So a predictable quiet life is just alright with her. She enjoys her solitude and has a very small circle of people that she trusts and makes certain to keep it that way.

However, her peace and tranquility is violently ripped away when a strange visitor comes by her apartment and turns her entire world upside down.

What happens when you see something with your very own eyes that should not even exist? She is suddenly tossed into a world that is supposed to be myth. Vampires? Shifters? Dwarves? She knows nothing about these beings yet they seem to know everything about her…

Ian is a shifter who has been in hiding for years with his brother, Riley. They work diligently to blend in with humans so as not to arouse suspicion from the people they are running from. They don’t form attachments to anyone. How can they? It wouldn’t be too long before those people discovered there was something very different about them.

On one seemingly normal day, Ian catches the scent of a woman. A scent that is unmistakable and unforgettable. It is his mate. The one person he is destined to spend the rest of his life with, but he cannot reveal himself to her for obvious reasons. He is a supernatural and she is a human.

He intends to watch her and take of her from afar. It kills him to not be able to talk to her or touch her, but it is necessary for her safety. Despite his precautions, someone finds her and decides to act on it. He is forced to take drastic action and before they know it, Shayne, Ian and Riley are on the trip of a lifetime to an unknown and dangerous future.

I loved this book! It was fast-paced and intriguing. I loved the characters! I cannot really say who was my favorite as both Ian and Riley are tied when it comes to their bravery, sense of humor and demeanor.

Shayne is a bit of a paradox. She has her moments when she is filled with courage and other times when she is frightened, albeit, for logical reasons. She wavers back and forth between the two, but as the story progresses we see a stronger, confident version of herself.

Overall, I found the story highly entertaining and unputdownable (is that a word? lol) It is an adult fantasy book so it does contain explicit language. Nonetheless, I recommend it if you want to read an awesome book about supernatural beings in modern society.

Final verdict: 5 stars!

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