Review of “Sins of my Father” by Lisa Cardiff



An eye for an eye…

My name is Archer Black, and I have a confession.

For as long as I can remember, my life has revolved around getting revenge against Senator Thomas Wharton.

It was supposed to be easy. Uncover his secrets. End his political career. Ruin his Presidential campaign. Use his stepdaughter, Langley Mayer, to do it. She’s also my stepsister, but she doesn’t know that. Nobody does.

But nothing is as easy as it seems. When my high-stakes plan for revenge takes a deadly turn, I’m the only person standing between Langley and the people who want her dead. Time is running out, and I need to decide what I need more: love or revenge.


Archer Black is a man who has longed to retaliate against Senator Wharton for years. He has designed a clever plan to bring down not only the Senator, but his entire family as well. He decides to begin with Langley – the Senator’s daughter.

He has done a vast amount of research on this seemingly conservative family and feels that he has the knowledge he needs to complete his mission. Judging from the countless photographs and interviews online, they appear to be a close-knit and loving family. But as Archer starts to become familiarized with the real Langley, the one that is not portrayed in the media, he begins to notice that all is not what it seems.

To make matters worse, he begins to start having feelings for Langley. When he was plotting and scheming, he never saw her as much more than a pretty face. But that all changes once he starts spending time with her in order to gain her trust. It’s all supposed to be part of his objective to take down the senator, but now he’s seeing the young woman underneath the pretty face; the one who is making him lose sight of his ultimate goal. What do you do when the person you want to destroy is related to the person you have feelings for?

I really enjoyed this book! I loved Langley and Archer. He’s incredibly swoon-worthy and I love how she doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. Despite the fact that her parents are the typical rich, politically-involved family who are all about reputation, money, and making good appearances, she doesn’t let that stop her from pursuing what she wants.

This novel was a combination of several genres that I love to read – there’s romance, suspense and political intrigue. I found it difficult to put down this book even though it was way past my bedtime!

Final verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

The reason I deducted a star is simply because I wanted the beginning of the romance to go a little slower. It wasn’t exactly insta-love, but I guess I was hoping for a little bit more reluctance on either side since Langley was still upset over her last boyfriend and Archer had his own plan for vengeance.

Nonetheless, I still really enjoyed it and look forward to more books by this author! Highly recommend this novel!

Special thanks to the publisher for allowing me to receive this book through Netgalley!

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