Review of “After August” by Angela March




Seven years is a long time to live behind the protection and safety of high thick walls. Kiera Mason is ready to re-enter society. Starting over with family she hardly knows, a new name, new city, new uncertainty of what her future holds. It’s never as easy as they say. Loss of everything she knows to be true, even who she is or was.

Jacob O’Malley local playboy, Harley riding, tattoo covered owner of a dive bar in downtown Charleston. Jake is content floating through life, bedding who he chooses, never committing. He has never been an emotional type, but when Whitney Anson’s cousin walks into the picture, Jake has met his emotional awakening in the blue eyes of Vivian Anson.

When hot-shot architect Alex West rolls into Charleston to work for Budreau Anson, Whitney decides she’ll let her “serviceman” Jake off the hook for cutting her off to pursue her cousin.

Alex West has no interest in Whitney and her superficial ways, he zeros in on Vivian.

Whitney Anson has been dethroned by her cousin Vivian, and the spoiled socialite isn’t having any of it. She’ll find a way be get what she wants even if it means creating havoc on the ones she holds near and dear. After all, she is the princess of Charleston, or so she thinks.

With all tragedies, they happen so fast, too fast to the point you doubt your own memories about the event. It’s never the same, you are never the same after tragedy strikes and you look death in the face and survive to tell your tale, especially when you look in the mirror and are reminded of the horror you endured.

Lies, secrets and superficial exteriors.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 6.16.39 PM


Wow! This book was a complete roller coast of emotions! It’s been a long while since a single book has made me cry, laugh, swoon, cry again, and a wee bit stabby. Okay, VERY stabby.

Throughout this book, we get to know a variety of characters with the focus being on Keira (aka Vivian), Katherine, Whitney, Jacob, and a few others who make quite a few appearances.

Keira has been through absolute hell and that is putting it very lightly. A tragedy took away the things that she held dearest to her. She has spent the last several years secluded away from the public; preferring to be left alone with her painting. She has low self-esteem and suffers from a broken heart that shows no signs of letting up after all this time.

Katherine, Keira’s aunt, decides to take Keira in. Katherine lives in a wealthy home in Charleston. She takes Keira there with the hope that she can help her gain back the life that she lost so many years ago. She believes that surrounding her around relatives and a semblance of normalcy will help her get her feet back on stable ground.

Whitney is her cousin. She is the stereotypical, rich spoiled brat who believes that everyone should cater to her every need. Needless to say, she doesn’t make life easy for Keira once Jacob begins to show interest in her cousin.

Jacob runs a bar nearby. He is known to be quite the playboy. He enjoys the single life and sleeping with random women (no strings attached). However, he is suddenly feeling things he has never felt before upon getting to know Keira. She’s very different from the girls he’s met before. He can’t help but feel an emotional attachment to her because deep down he can see that she’s hurting. He becomes intent on changing that.

I absolutely loved Keira (aka Vivian)! She is so ballsy and sarcastic! I was rooting for her the entire time. I especially enjoyed how she never let anyone treat her like a doormat and walk all over her. Some of her responses had me wanting to high five her through my Kindle, but then I realized that would probably look really weird cause….ya know…she doesn’t exist.

On the other hand there’s Whitney. Hate is such a strong word, but I hated her! I hated her so much! I wanted to spartan-kick her ass off a damn cliff and throw carbs at her!


Jacob was just absolutely amazing! I want a real-life Jacob of my own and I know I say that for a lot of books, but he is just – PERFECT!


Overall, I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a novel that will make you feel just about every emotion in the book. It’s sad, it’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s shocking. It has it all.

Final verdict: 5 stars!

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    Great review!!!!!

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    1. Thank you so much! 🙂


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