Review of “Behind Closed Doors” by A.L Smith



For Sierra, Alex and Latrice, the innocence of childhood was lost at an early age. Choosing significantly different paths, they struggle to deal with the psychological effects of abuse. The three are eventually driven apart and they transition into womanhood carrying a secret that would influence their lives and threaten to destroy their family. Through a series of unlikely circumstances, the three are reunited. The meeting would ultimately set the stage for atonement.


This is going to be a short review as I just wasn’t really all that into it.

I was immediately interested in this book based on the synopsis and it has great 5 star reviews on Goodreads so I thought I’d give it a shot. This novel had a lot of potential, but there were a few factors that kept me from rating it any higher.

1. There were a lot of grammar errors. I understand that it’s an ARC and that it will not be perfect. Maybe it was just my copy, but having entire sentences with no spaces in between really became annoying and ruined the overall experience of reading it. It disrupted my flow repeatedly to the point of me having to put it down constantly because I was getting frustrated.

2. We get to see three different POV, but they didn’t vary much from each other. They all thought and spoke in similar ways. I just needed their personalities to be distinguishable from one another.

3. It was hard to believe some parts of the story. I do realize that there are, unfortunately, many people who have been victimized and that their cries fall on deaf ears. However, three girls all in the same family being victimized by another family member for many years and they choose to turn a blind eye when he moves onto a very young child who is incapable of defending herself? I don’t get that. They believed he had changed his ways. WTF? Some parts were just too hard to believe that EVERY single family member found nothing wrong with what he did once everything was out in the open. I would understand a couple, but all of them? Different generations of people reacted to it as if they talking about the weather.

Overall, this book was very frustrating and I’m not sure what to rate it just yet so I’m not going to rate it at all right now.

Special thanks to the publisher for approving my request to read this book through Netgalley!

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