Review of “Even Hell has Standard: Wrath” by Chantal Noordeloos

Quick update: I am so, so sorry for my month-long absence. I had been in the biggest reading slump ever! Every single book I picked up I ended up putting down almost immediately because I couldn’t get into it. In addition, I just wasn’t feeling all that creative when it came to writing my reviews either and I didn’t want to half-ass them which is why it has taken me so long. Alas, it would appear that my reading/writing slump is finally over. Now I just need to catch up on all of my reviews!



Fatima Oni never had a chance for a good life. Born into poverty, her hopes of anything better are dashed when she’s given away as a child bride to her abusive uncle. Her days and nights become a living hell on earth, and things grow from bad to worse when Fate rips her children away from her. Can she keep turning the other cheek when faced with the ultimate loss, or will she give in to the wrath that boils inside her and take her fight for retribution to Hell and beyond?

‘Wrath’ is the second of seven short stories in the ‘Even Hell Has Standards’ series, where Chantal Noordeloos takes the reader through the darker side of human nature, and its road to redemption. This is Hell as you’ve never seen it before.


I really enjoyed reading the first segment of this series, Pride, and I could not wait to get my hands on this one! Thankfully, the author was very kind and gave me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Special thanks to Chantal and her team for giving me the opportunity to read it in advance! 🙂

To say that this book was difficult to read is putting it lightly. The subject matter will rip your heart to pieces. We get to see Fatima during various stages in her life from when she is very young to when she is an adult and has a family of her own. It seems almost as if all of fate has pitted itself against this one young girl. She endures a very sad life, but the hardest part of it all is realizing that her situation is all too common in some parts of the world.

I was able to see just how much we are all a product of our environment by reading this short book. Fatima struggles to remain a good person despite all of the pain and anguish that she endures at the hands of the very people who are supposed to protect her. Think about it, day after day she lives in absolute misery and still tries to find reasons to keep fighting. It is absolute torture.

There is a HUGE plot twist towards the end of this book that I wouldn’t have seen coming from a mile away. It equally shocked and horrified me, but it also made this book even more brilliant. I applaud Chantal for being able to come up with such a crazy twist.

As I mentioned in my last review of Pride, I am still obsessed with the idea of taking what could be a real life situation and incorporating it with Hell. It is an incredibly unique plot line and I can’t wait to see what the author will come up with next!

Final verdict: 5 stars!

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