Review of “Skinshaper” by Joe King and Mark Gelineau

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Barricades broken.

A mining town empty.

One survivor swings in a cage, waiting to die.

Ferran’s tattoos burn as horrors near. They should run. They should seek help. But to save a few, they must journey deeper into the heart of the nightmare to face an ancient foe.


They have done it yet again! Mark and Joe are a powerhouse who deliver a bonafide masterpiece every single time. Skinshaper is horror at its finest!

We get to continue the story of Ferran, Mereia and Riffolk – the same trio of characters that we first learned about in the first segment of Rend the Dark. Last time, we journeyed with this trio as they battled a dangerous creature, but this time? The terrors hidden in the dark are much more dangerous and terrifying than they could have ever imagined.

The challenges that they encounter are so intense that they would test even the strongest person’s willpower. Despite the combined strength of Ferran, Mereia and Riffolk, the novella left me wondering how on earth our heroes would make it out of that mine or if they would make it out alive at all.

As with the other novella, the pacing of the novella is done exquisitely. The timing is well-paced and carries out a suspenseful, spine-chilling series of events that will stick with you for days.

Final verdict: 5 stars!!

Special thanks to the authors for approving my request to read this book through Netgalley! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! Once I’m out of class, I’ll do mine as well. I’m a huge quote lover so this will be fun 🙂

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      1. There’s actually soooooooo much to choose from, it’s hard to pick just 3. LOL

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      2. Exactly! I’ve been trying to think of which quote to use but I can’t narrow it down since I love them all lol


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