Goodreads Yearly Challenges


As you all know, Goodreads allows its members to set up a goal for the amount of books they wish to read every year. I have been doing these reading challenges every year since I joined in 2013. I love them! They keep me focused and motivate me. They can also be edited at any time in case you have less time to read due to work/school or if you’re an awesome reading ninja who has decided to increase your goal.

A lot of people tend to post their monthly wrap-ups on various social media sites including their blogs. I used to do them faithfully for several months, but I have always been curious of what everyone’s Goodreads yearly goal is. I decided to lay to rest my Monthly Wrap-Ups last August as I simply grew tired of them. I will now be posting the books that I read on a yearly basis so that you can all see what or how much I have read for the year. 🙂

You can access all of my reading challenges from 2013 to the present in the Menu bar under Goodreads Yearly Challenges.

I will be frequently updating this year’s books as the year is not yet over and I will keep reading until the very end obvi.

I’d love to know what your yearly reading goals are! 🙂