That’s What She Said…


This isn’t what you’re probably thinking haha! When I first created this blog over a year ago, I had started a weekly meme called Monday Musings. On Mondays, I chose to discuss various topics within the book world. It could involve just about anything from author scandals and book controversies to which e-readers to choose. 

For reasons outside of my control, my time became much more limited and writing lengthy posts became just about impossible for me. Time has freed up much more for me recently and I’ve decided to go back to blogging about the book world!

Now you’re probably wondering why I decided to change it from Monday Musings to That’s What She Said! Well, the reason for that is actually quite simple. I felt almost forced to figure out something to write about every single Monday. I need to feel inspired in order to be able to write a blog post or else it’s not going to happen. By changing the name to something that doesn’t require a specific day, I am able to write whenever I feel like it and, oh my lort, it is so liberating! This must have been what those chicks felt when they burned their bras back in the day. 

You’ve probably been wondering why on earth I would choose that title… Let me see, how can I put this… I am not creative whatsoever and I have the mentality of a 4 year old. Every time I hear the phrase, “That’s what she said!” I crack up like I’ve never heard anything funnier, because I really am that immature. (Shrugs)

Please feel free to participate! I would love to read your comments regarding whichever topic I have posted about. I would also appreciate it if you left some recommendations as to what to talk about next! 

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Thanks for reading!!